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Personal "Major Trauma" Kit

Personal "Major Trauma" Kit

18 GBP
This kit is designed to be carried by individual workers who may have to teal with major injuries, large wounds or amputations. Perfect for those working offshore, or in other remote environments.
It contains:
1x Traumafix Dressing - military style dressing with pressure pad and elastic bandage with velcro closure
2x sterile calico triangular bandages - multipurpose, can be folded as bandages, pushed into major incompressible wounds or used as pads on wounds. Unlike most, these are sterile. Can even make into a sling, or tie a splint in place.
1x pair xl Nitrile gloves, that actually fit large outdoor worker's hands.
1 pair large stainless steel shears - these can be used to cut away clothing, harnesses, etc and are strong enough to be used to make an improvised tourniquet 
1m Paracord - can be used with shears to make an effective improvised tourniquet.