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Outdoor/Fieldwork First Aid Kit

Outdoor/Fieldwork First Aid Kit

102 GBP
An incredibly comprehensive firs aid kit, designed for work in the outdoors, such as fieldwork or outdoor pursuits. Far exceeds the requirements of governing bodies and has a content based upon years of working in the outdoors.
Contents have all been tested to ensure high performance in the outdoors.
  • 1 large zipped bag, featuring zipped internal pockets, so that none of your content blows away on a windy day outdoors. (25x16x14cm approx)
  • 4 x calico triangular bandages. These can be used to tie on splints, make slings AND absorb blood as extra bandages (unlike the non-woven type)
  • 2 x Traumafix Dressings. New Mlitary style field dressings with absorbent pad and highly stretch bandage, secured with velcro. For major bleeding.
  • 1 x Blizzard EMS blanket. Incredibly warm survival blanket, sealed with adhesive tape (attached) and big enough to fit whole patient in. This has become the standard for rescue teams and ambulance services in the UK and worldwide.
  • 1 x iSplint flexible "Sam" type splint. Incredbly light, reusable flexible splint made of alloy in closed cell foam. Great for splinting sprained ankles - and just about every other body part too.
  • 2 x medium HSE dressings. For small wounds.
  • 2 x finger bandages. Prefect for little cuts, where a plaster is just not big enough!
  • 2 x Eye dressings. On ring bandage. Easy to apply to eye injuries. Can also be used as spare bandages.
  • 20 x assorted fabric plasters. Good ones that actually stick.
  • 1 strip wound closures. For pulling together the edges of big cuts, controlling bleeding and reducing scarring.
  • 2x  5x5cm Non-adherent pad. 
  • 2x 10x10cm Non-adherent pad. Perfect for blisters, scrapes and grezes.
  • 1 x roll Relifix tape. (Unpackaged from box and put into bag). Foot tape that stays stuck down. Perfect for holding dressings (e.g. non-adherent dressing ) in place.
  • 1 x Tweezers with magnifying glass. Tweezers that work (ends meet) and you can see to remove splinters and stings!
  • 1 x Tuff-cut shears. Shears that go through harnesses, clothes, pennies, etc AND have a flat bit on the end so you don't stick them in people.
  • 1 x Penlight. Great for measuring eye response in head injuries, etc. Has pupil scale on side.
  • 2 x large crepe bandages. Big enough to deal with a sprained ankle properly.
  • 2 x eye wash pods. Perfect for washing rubbish out of eyes. Also useful for cleaning dirty wounds.
  • 1 x resuscitation face shield. For keeping vomit out of your mouth during resuscitation. 
  • 2 x pairs nitryl gloves. For personal protection.
  • 10 x wound wipes. For cleaning wounds.
  • 4 x Hydrocolloid blister plasters. Perfect for helping blisters heal faster and providing padding.
  • 2 x 3.5g sachets Burn gel. Perfect for those little cooking burns or rope burns.
  • 6 x safety pins. For holding bandages in place, puncturing blisters, or piercing tongues!
  • 1 x tick remover. Get the little critters out and help prevent Lyme's disease!
As used by many Universities and Institutions for Fieldwork e.g. Birmingham  Edinburgh, Imperial College and the Natural History Museum.